At Darkm0th Industry, we strive to obtain the most sustainable materials we can as well as incorporate a zero-waste environment in our studio. We use high-end materials to insure longevity in our wearable units. We believe that sustainability is more than low-impact material. The fashion industry is not only one of the most wasteful industries that came out of the industrial revolution, but also one of the biggest pollutants of our earths’ water systems- - across the planet. We pride ourselves on smart pattern making to ensure our garments can be as universal as possible. For Darkm0th Industry, our sustainability promise starts with our unisex, open-sized, & modular clothing patterns, & we hope that it continues into your homes. We hope that you share, mix, max, layer & modulate your Darkm0th Industry garments as they were intended to be modulated. We are proud to announce our Sustainable-Minimalism program. If you already own a Darkm0th Industry garment & it needs a little love, shoot us an email below so we can send you instructions on how to send it in for repair. Email for instructions below, & be sure to ask us about out garment recycling program. |Darkm0th Industry|

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